After 7 years I realized I truly am Free! The other day I was driving down the road with the windows open and listening to the “RADIO” and I almost started to cry at how beautiful it was and how for so many years I ignored the simple pleasures of being alive because I was being told I had not earned the right to enjoy life yet.
I spend every night I can with my kids just doing kid stuff. We play ping pong, video games, just goof off. Last night we went to the mall food court to eat and my son said to my wife “I want to drive home with my buddy” and grabbed my hand. He is 11 and I AM spending time now. Not someday when I get free.

If you are an IBO now and have kids. DONT BELIEVE THE LIE!!!!! How in the heck are going to spend more time with your kids when they are in school all day and you are out every night? Even if you replace your income you are still going to be out every night and your kids will be at school?!?!?! I know several Emeralds and Diamonds whose kids are a mess. Just start asking some of the older pins “why arent you kids doing the BZ?” There are some, but not many compared to how many IBO’s there are.