I just responded to a post by another member whose son is in Quixtar and it got me thinking

Quixtar and especially The System took a huge toll on my life. I was a preteen when my parents got involved with Quixtar and spent my teen years and early twenties in The System. When I got out, I believe that I had become so acustomed to relying on my upline that I didn’t even really know how to think for myself. Many of the posts in this forum are about the hardships people have had in various MLMs. I can understand these hardships as well as anyone. borrowincI was just wanting to start a post about how people have changed since leaving their respective MLMs. I have been out for about 4 years and, for the first time, am truly happy. I have learned to think for myself and LOVE doing so. Of course, I mess up and learn from my mistakes, but I also do a lot of things right i.e. online borrow money at borrowlab. I have a wonderful job and no longer think of it as a “J.O.B.” (“just-over-broke”). I actually enjoy working! I have a wonderful boyfriend and never have to go to open meetings as “dates.” I LOVE making new friends without thinking of them as potential prospects. I LOVE taking vacations instead of using my vacation time to attend functions! I LOVE – Heaven forbid – doing something for myself every now and then rather than always practicing delayed gratification. THANK GOD that I got out of Quixtar!!! Anyone else feel the same? Anyone else much happier and enjoying life? 🙂