Just letting you all know

that the class representative we have sent out an email blast reminding students of the “no selling” policy among other things going on in class. I think she did a good job of explaining it. Anyway, 1/4 of the class room out of 20 gave her a hard time. Including the Party Lite girl. Of course the mlm girl acted like a ditz and said “I wasn’t selling to anyone yet” I saw her talk to 4 other class mates, during a break, about it and they all looked stunned by the email that was sent. So it looks like to me she got 4 other people behind her. I was somewhat surprise by that. Anyway, since then, things have calmed down.

People in class are more mindful. I was amazed at the rucus the mlm girl was causing over that email. I remained annomynous about the whole deal so she still has no clue I was part of that email. I’m nice to everyone. It was the way we spoke to her that calmed her down. We reminded her that she was doing a good thing going to massage school. It was amazing how nice she was to me today for the first time in weeks. Just normal nice, no circles or network marketing talk. I am aware that she may slip up again some day as long as she is still in an mlm. She is a nice person and not a bad one, just clue less to the brain washing ways of mlm’s. I guess it should not be surprising to me that she got 4 other people behind her biz. They don’t know what they don’t know. At least this has been stoppped now, before it got worse.