Wasted 7 years of my life in Amway

I started in Amway in 1997, in my mid-20s…. the usual promises were made by upline sponsors, and the (Piece Of Work) Emeralds I got stuck with.. The drove off more people than average.. For the next 7 years (and two groups later), I only had a lot of money out and I didn’t even make it to the 2500 level (got close), but certainly bought a lot of “business materials” to the tune of 7000 per year. That’s what your “successful upline” wants you to do, ,so they can pad their own pockets with your hard earned income you make on your “real job”.

I really can’t buy a lot of what the OP is peddling, but can only draw from my own experiences from it (some are on the site I posted up top), but wanted to put out one or two positives, and the same amount of negatives…

1) Yes, you get totally consumed with the process…. especially early on… You become a gnome who only associates with “like minded people” and not “dream stealers”… those one’s who are smart enough to know that you’re getting sold a bill of goods.
To “sell out” in the process, I gave up *almost* all of my extracurricular activities, with the exception of bowling and card playing, thinking I could find “prospects” at those locations… Boy, was I wrong, lol. In addition, I let myself go, physically. I gained 70# ( Since I recovered my sense, I’ve lost all of that spare tire, and am in pretty good shape after all this).

I tend to be better in social circles (as I was somewhat more introverted before I started), and dont’ have a problem meeting new people anymore. At least when I meet these new people, I don’t have an ulterior motive anymore. I don’t carry tapes in my pocket anymore.

When I left, the biz for good in 1995, I really kept in touch with no one there, and only one person bothered to contact me after the fact. Figures, huh? I’m actually much more balanced now… lol