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I am glad you got out eventually! Better late than never – as they say. Now maybe you can take the next step and jettison the final generalizations from your mindset.(Using terms like “Just over broke” 🙂 )

This following statement is certainly NOT true.

>>It certainly is true that you never get anything more
>>than “just over broke” in a job and every month there still is more
>>month left than money.

I have been in , yes, a JOB for 15 years(never been in MLM). I am not a multi-millionaire, but I do much, much better than “Just over broke”.
(That term, by the way, is designed to disparage people that work hard to be productive and earn an honest living)
In my opinion, that is not so much because of what I make, but more because of what I spend. I am careful to pay off my “one” credit card each month, and have no desire to drive a Lamborghini ;). In short, a good education, training, focusing on a job and fiscal discipline can really get you places – when you focus on career growth. On the other hand, if you work a JOB and indulge in multiple MLMs or have other endless distractions, you are more likely than not to be less than committed to your career – you know, the one that is actually making it possible for you to lose money on MLMs. That is what causes you to grow less and prevents advancement in your career path.