I spend a lot of my time in vitamin stores because i love taking herbal supplements. Whenever i’m approach by a marketing scheme with some bogus herbal product ….i just laugh. Most of the herbal products in marketing are prices 500-1000% more than any well known vitamin brand. When i ask about a certain ingrediant reguards too the herbal product ….these marketing distributor always tell me some famous Dr. recommends it. They always have some person on a sales tape making unrealistic health claims.

I’ve heard of claims like: take colloidal minerals and live to 150 years old, or take a few tablets of this and you’ll be cured of aids. There are millions of Intelligant people falling for this type of hype yearly. Then there’s Amuixt they probably have the best product line out of all the marketing. But Amuixt prices are extremely high. Ive always said that if u can show me a marketing company that i can actually save money …I’ll join and be very successful. A marketing company where you can save money and earn some extra cash for long term is impossible to find in network marketing. That’s why i can never promote a marketing program because I always had a hard problem convincing myself to by the products at such a high price….nevermind telling a friend to buy this product.