Any ex-Ameriplanners here?

I have been trying to quit since the 16th. I called and when I finally got through they said it had to be written and I could send them an e-mail. I did that, never heard back and still had access to their stuff. When I called back they said that did not have me as pending withdrawl. I have sent several more e-mails and now I can’t get back through on the phone. I still have their stuff. They are going to charge me the infamous broker fee again too. How in the heck do I get out of this?! Has anyone had any experiences with this? ANy info would be helpful. THanks so much!

I’m sorry I didn’t explain myself

I agree with you entirely that very, very few (less than 1%) even breakeven in MLM, let alone make some decent money. This is something that, in my experience, no one is ever told in the recruitment process. Certainly MLM is not the way to a comfortable retirement