I don’t think there is is anything more important than spending time with your kids. That’s something money just cannot buy!
Reading this post reminded me of the woman of my son’s upline that has two little kids and leaves them a lot to do the Quixtar stuff (even went to weekend conferences two years in a row even though her son’s birthday was the same weekend). I made that comment to my son and he says that’s so she can have more time with them later. My reply was she will never get back the time she’s losing now. This also reminds me of the song “Cats in the Cradle” by Harry Chapin.

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I am glad you got out eventually! Better late than never – as they say. Now maybe you can take the next step and jettison the final generalizations from your mindset.(Using terms like “Just over broke” 🙂 )

This following statement is certainly NOT true.

>>It certainly is true that you never get anything more
>>than “just over broke” in a job and every month there still is more
>>month left than money.

I have been in , yes, a JOB for 15 years(never been in MLM). I am not a multi-millionaire, but I do much, much better than “Just over broke”.
(That term, by the way, is designed to disparage people that work hard to be productive and earn an honest living)
In my opinion, that is not so much because of what I make, but more because of what I spend. I am careful to pay off my “one” credit card each month, and have no desire to drive a Lamborghini ;). In short, a good education, training, focusing on a job and fiscal discipline can really get you places – when you focus on career growth. On the other hand, if you work a JOB and indulge in multiple MLMs or have other endless distractions, you are more likely than not to be less than committed to your career – you know, the one that is actually making it possible for you to lose money on MLMs. That is what causes you to grow less and prevents advancement in your career path.

Welcome back to the REAL world!! It’s a great place, isn’t it??

I think best thing is being able to meet people and learn about them. They are no longer “prospects” – but “Timmy’s Soccer Coach Who Walked The Appalachian Trail Last Summer” or the “Waitress Who Helps Rehabilitate Orphaned Wildlife”. Because you have no desire to manipulate conversations around to “Income opportunities” and how you plan to convince this person to attend the next meeting – you can listen and learn. And that IS a lot of fun!!!!!


After 7 years I realized I truly am Free! The other day I was driving down the road with the windows open and listening to the “RADIO” and I almost started to cry at how beautiful it was and how for so many years I ignored the simple pleasures of being alive because I was being told I had not earned the right to enjoy life yet.
I spend every night I can with my kids just doing kid stuff. We play ping pong, video games, just goof off. Last night we went to the mall food court to eat and my son said to my wife “I want to drive home with my buddy” and grabbed my hand. He is 11 and I AM spending time now. Not someday when I get free.

If you are an IBO now and have kids. DONT BELIEVE THE LIE!!!!! How in the heck are going to spend more time with your kids when they are in school all day and you are out every night? Even if you replace your income you are still going to be out every night and your kids will be at school?!?!?! I know several Emeralds and Diamonds whose kids are a mess. Just start asking some of the older pins “why arent you kids doing the BZ?” There are some, but not many compared to how many IBO’s there are.

I just responded to a post by another member whose son is in Quixtar and it got me thinking

Quixtar and especially The System took a huge toll on my life. I was a preteen when my parents got involved with Quixtar and spent my teen years and early twenties in The System. When I got out, I believe that I had become so acustomed to relying on my upline that I didn’t even really know how to think for myself. Many of the posts in this forum are about the hardships people have had in various MLMs. I can understand these hardships as well as anyone. borrowincI was just wanting to start a post about how people have changed since leaving their respective MLMs. I have been out for about 4 years and, for the first time, am truly happy. I have learned to think for myself and LOVE doing so. Of course, I mess up and learn from my mistakes, but I also do a lot of things right i.e. online borrow money at borrowlab. I have a wonderful job and no longer think of it as a “J.O.B.” (“just-over-broke”). I actually enjoy working! I have a wonderful boyfriend and never have to go to open meetings as “dates.” I LOVE making new friends without thinking of them as potential prospects. I LOVE taking vacations instead of using my vacation time to attend functions! I LOVE – Heaven forbid – doing something for myself every now and then rather than always practicing delayed gratification. THANK GOD that I got out of Quixtar!!! Anyone else feel the same? Anyone else much happier and enjoying life? 🙂

Hi, I have just discovered this blog and joined a few minutes ago.

Wow, what can I say about my MLM experience? 30 years ago I was introduced to MLM (via the Amway blackboard and circles) and was captivated by the whole concept. In the intervening years I have joined many MLM “opportunities” with a consistent lack of success.
I stayed faithful to the concept, did everything I was told to do, read everything I was told to read, said everything I was told to say, bought everything I was told to buy, attended every meeting and event, listened to the big success stories of the big success distributors and followed everything to the letter. Finally got sick of hearing “it’s a numbers game, every NO brings you closer to a YES, just stick with it, keep pitching everyone within 3 feet of you” etc, etc, etc …. same old, same old

Now I’m retired both from MLM and my more traditional style business. It certainly is true that you never get anything more than “just over broke” in a job and every month there still is more month left than money. But MLM is never going to be the way towards the promised “time and financial freedom” for more than maybe 1% of all the millions chasing that elusive dream.

Thank you for allowing me to unburden myself. I look forward to a long and happy association with this blog of like-minded