and so may include an element of sacrifice whereas benevolence is simply being helpful or friendly. Philanthropy is a love for humankind which puts benevolence into practical actions.

“Giving blood to help a loved one or at least a benevolent stranger is not a “sacrifice”.

I’d have to didsagree. Giving blood, especially to a stranger, does require sacrifice. You have to go to the clinic, be pricked, and endure a little wooziness.

“Dedicating 15 years of your life to an HerLton diamond with nothing to show for it *is* a sacrifice.”

I disagree again. There was probably an expectation of profit. The expectation of profit reveals a motive that is self-oriented, not self-less, and therefore not a deliberate sacrifice. A sacrifice is a voluntary relinguishing of something one values. Ruth’s unfortunate experience is the result of having been deceived while in the pursuit of profit.

On the other hand, the fact that Ruth is now willing to suffer financially in order to prevent OTHERS from also being deceived is a sacrifice, altruistic, and her benevolent manner with everyone here shows her philanthropic leanings.